Menu for restaurant by Ann Reus

Menu for restaurant by Ann Reus. What a beautiful menu!

What's for Dinner?

What's for Dinner?

Check out Ferroconcrete‘s clean, minimal and whimsical branding for früute, who makes all sorts of colorful and interestingly constructed tarts. The brand provides a perfect backdrop to showcase these mini works of art.

Menu | Vancouver Vegetarian, Vegan, Vietnamese Restaurant | CHAU VEGGIEXPRESS

photo dominant but does what a menu should do. the customer gets to see what the dish looks like. i also like the pull out information

Asian House / 菜单及视觉设...

A very eccentric design that evokes reality as each dish is displayed through an actual image. The information is separated from the title that is given dominance through highlighted text and a flowing typeface.

Noroshi is a Japanese Ramen restaurant spread the new flavor of Hokkaido.

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japanese exhibition poster / sfgirlbybay

japanese design

Japanese Exhibition Poster: Hokusai x Sumida Aquarium by Masaaki Hiromura

Japanese Menu Set

Japanese Menu Set

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