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Osechi Ryori, Japanese #Cuisine for New Year's Celeblation|おせち

Osechi Ryori, Japanese Cuisine for New Year's Celeblation|おせち Super Bento

How to make pikachu


Japanese Bento lunch box: você pode comprar em vários lugares, inclusive em bancas nas estações de trens para ir comendo durante a viagem.

Flavors of Japan - - A beautiful meal to ring in the New Year with. Osechi, Japanese New Year's Cuisine|おせち料理

Quesitos Babybel!! Monísimos! De verdad, a quién no le encantaría uno de estos? / Adorable Babybel cheeses! Seriously, who wouldn't love one of these?

For the most hilarious snack ever. DIY Babybel cheese people // 100 Layer Cakelet (Is this a food pin or a craft pin *-*)

Cat #Kyaraben / #Bento (Make It Vegan)


Just to Make You Smile: 50 Masterpieces of Sushi and Bento Box Food Art .

Traditional Japanese Onigiri Rice Balls Bento Lunch|おにぎり弁当

ruokala uriuri

Flower viewing cats bento


"Lunch ♪ how to make mushroom and chestnut-chan Boy & Girl chestnut also ~ ~ character valve"

Chestnut Onigiri Bento Onigiri is a Japanese rice ball in an oval or triangular shape, many are wrapped in seaweed.

Make the exact same bento as the image! Steps: http://realanimefood.tumblr.com/post/48967769332/makotos-bento-box (Makoto/Sailor Jupiter : Sailor Moon)

Makoto's Bento Box Anime: Sailor Moon R Appearance: Episode Is Seijuro the Moonlight Knight?