Geiko in Gion Kyoto (祇園甲部). (The  Inoue School 井上流)

°jpn° "Makiko with Fan." Makiko poses with a fan and you can just make out the crest of the Inoue School in the center of the fan.

上七軒、舞妓 勝奈さんCAMERA EOS1DX / LENS SIGMA 85mm F1.4 DG HSM Art

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Wedding kimono

Wedding looks are already being submitted for Emperor Kaito's up coming nuptials to Queen Levana of Luna this September on the night of the Full Moon. And there is hope that Her Majesty might use Eastern Commonwealth Fashion

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Yukata is a type of kimono for the summer. Wearing yukata is more easy and casual than kimono. We have more occasions to see people wearing yukata.