/For anyone who's interested: Dushanzi Grand Canyon is at Xinjiang Province in the west of China. By BJ Yang

Iceberg, ocean

The Tip of the Iceburg, Ralph A Clevenger - The image is a composite of four different photos: the iceberg top was shot in Antarctica; the iceberg bottom was shot in Alaska (and was taken above the water); and the sky and water shots are from California.

Haus-Rucker-Co.,Oase Nr. 7, a personal oasis with a diameter of 8 metres protruded from the façade of the Museum Fridericianums during the 1972 Documenta.

Relax and play! [Oase No. 7 by the group Haus-Rucker-Co, which was created for Documenta 5 in Kassel, Germany. An inflatable structure emerged from the façade of an existing building creating a space for relaxation and play]

Security guard with plaster, wood, and metal moon model at the Field Museum of Natural History. (1898)

Incredible Historical Photos From One of the World's Best Museums

1898 photograph of Thomas Dickert and Johann Friedrich Julius Schmidt’s model moon, which was constructed of 116 sections of plaster on a framework of wood and metal. Location: Chicago’s Field Columbian Museum.


japanese architect yohimasa tsutsumi: 'anzas dance studio' By applying a gradient of dots on to the room's mirrored surfaces, a deep fog effect is created,resulting in a dramatic altering of the room's atmosphere.

reach for the stars. by Proletar1at, via Flickr

Ever just wish you had that one special place to go to where no one was around?


The Hotel Bubble in France. Bubble Rooms – ideas, used by two hotels in France. Small bubbles are designed by designer Pierre-Stephane Dumas, they allow you to stay in the room, but at the same time as though and in the open air.