Claire Basler :: Botanical Paintings (working in an old ironworks on the outskirts of Paris). I'm completely obsessed.

Claire Basler :: Botanical Paintings (working in an old ironworks on the outskirts of Paris) beautiful flower paintings.

tara donovan - installation (acrylic rods!)

Installation by artist Tara Donovan. Giant/fluffy pussy willows, and pink stalagmites? Bunches of acrylic rods, and stacks of buttons. This is the breathtaking work of Brooklyn based installation artist Tara Donovan.

sky mirror, 2006, anish kapoor

Mirrors – Home Decor : Anish Kapoor – Sky Mirror -Read More –

George Nakashima's simple Japanese styled kitchen... good idea for a small apartment

Required Reading: Artists' Handmade Houses

In one house, a small kitchen features a cupboard with sliding shoji screens. Furniture designer George Nakashima’s home as featured in the book “Artist’s Handmade Houses”

Untranslatable Words: windows into a diverse array of cultures

Untranslatable Words, shows a lot about different cultures

Komorebi-- I often seek a word to describe that. - 11 Untranslatable Words From Other Cultures Infographic. things English don't have a words for that other languages do

Art Deco London Tube Interior. 1938.

ghostparties: how the london underground looked in 1938 via “a brief pictorial history of the london tube and its graphic legacy” - for its.

john singer sargent

Hand painted reproduction of Carnation Lily Lily Rose painting. This masterpiece was painted originally by John Singer Sargent. Commission your beautiful hand painted reproduction of Carnation Lily Lily Rose Choose from many different sizes.

Chinese photographer Huang Qingjun has spent nearly 10 years travelling to remote areas in China to convince people to have their picture taken along with all of their possessions.

"Jiadang," or "Family Stuff" is a photo series by Chinese photographer Huang Qingjun, that shows portraits of Chinese families with all their stuff.