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This armor with just a few adjustments (for personal style) is my dream armor and I will have it!

Ammand-From his flagship, the Seref, Ammand led the Barbary Corsairs, a loose affiliation of organized privateers who robbed the trade ships of Christian "infidels". He combined his forces with the Ottoman Empire to control the region from Morocco to Turkey and sometimes beyond. He would sometimes sail into the Adriatic Sea, and would in turn earn the wrath of fellow Pirate Lord, Captain Villanueva, who presided over those waters.

Ghassan Massoud - Manoj (Described as not much over sixty, fierce staring dark eyes, iron grey hair, resplendent mustache, and wrinkled eyelids under ferocious brows.

Zebra Photograph by Dave Mills - Zebra Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale -- I think this is either photoshopped or beautifully painted

Scarlet Ibis is a species of ibis in the bird family Threskiornithidae. It inhabits tropical South America and islands of the Caribbean.