Japanese food / bento

Japanese food / bento: rice is not really paleo, but it can be substituted with some vegetables, nuts, or sunflower seeds.

Beef Yakiniku Bento Yakiniku-don (beef, bell pepper, paprika), carrot namul Mayochizu, grilled mushrooms, boiled egg

Beef Yakiniku Bento -[Yakiniku-don: beef, bell pepper, paprika] carrot namul Mayochizu, grilled mushrooms & boiled egg.

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Japanese box lunch, Bento お弁当

Thinly sliced pork cutlets in a ginger/garlic sauce wrapped around a potato, glass noodle and tomato salad, omelette.

Japanese Bento Lunch Box|弁当

Bento Lunch: Japanese pickled plum on the rice is beautiful|弁当

*2012.10.13*話題入り♡ 魚肉ソーセージに、1本切込みを入れるだけで、簡単に薔薇が出来ちゃいます❤


Directions in foreign language to make a rose with oriental "fish sausage". We don't have fish sausage but could probably be done with strips of deli ham.