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Non sono mica stupido come uno struzzo .I'm not as stupid as an ostrich.


Of The Happiest Animal Memes To Start The Week With A Smile Source by tanjageers

しっぽを立ててごきげんウォーク - Yahoo!ニュース(ねとらぼ)

しっぽを立ててごきげんウォーク - Yahoo!ニュース(ねとらぼ)

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Animal humor: I asked friends to caption this. Here is the response I loved: "No.these are not the urinals.


The door was closed and I thought I heard you calling me. Just checking you're ok

カサっという音の方向には・・・ ピュアな瞳で堂々と悪事を働くニャンコに意気消沈

カサっという音の方向には・・・ ピュアな瞳で堂々と悪事を働くニャンコに意気消沈

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ストーブを囲む猫 - まとめのインテリア

Kitty gets the idea: Hugs to my friends, our pets, our heating pads, pain pills, and the few pain-free days we get to enjoy!


Two Kittens, I would have a 100 cats if it were feasible, honestly I would have 500 kitty cats. I don't want any sweet kitties to be homeless. If I were to win the lottery I would have a kitty cat farm for all the cats in my area that are homeless.

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