Ceramic Ring Dish

Ceramic Ring Dish - Babasouk - Really creative handpainted ceramic dishes. A collection of these dishes on a table, nightstand or wall would be such a nice addition to a room!

❾201609ライン カップ 梶間 智絵 京都市に生まれる 京都市立銅駝美術工芸高等学校陶芸専攻 卒業 倉敷芸術科学大学陶芸専攻 卒業 (7.4×H5.7)

Line Cup Kijama Tomoe Kyoto City Born in Kyoto City Bronze Art Crafts High School Graduated from Ceramics Major Kurashiki University of the Arts graduated from Ceramic Art University × H

Sarah O'Sullivan Australia - super pretty but modern too! Love it.

How can I make these out of little sushi rolls? Sarah O'Sullivan Australia - super pretty but modern too!

シリーズ別にご紹介 ポルトガル生まれの繊細なカトラリークチポールcutipol

Black and gold and blush all over 💗 With our Halo Glass Chargers and Dinnerware in Black + Vintage Pink Swirl Collection Plates + Goa Flatware in Gold/Black + Vintage Pink Swirl Goblets + Vintage Champagne Coupe + Gold Salt Cellars + Tiny Gold Spoons

Want! zakka collection [雑貨コレクション]|Felissimo Japan

Clever way to show a collection of plates, without actually putting them on a wall. I love the camera angle and pattern in which they're put down. Backdrop very interesting texture against the porcelain.

Camellia Lacquer Cup, Yoko NOGUCHI, Japan 椿 野口洋子

Camellia lacquer ware cup by Yoko NOGUCHI, Japan 椿 野口洋子 this is so creative variegated japonica