History of kimono

History of kimono - nice to see with year instead of period, yes it's nice to know it was for example, the Edo period, but I never can remember the year that matches Más

a woman in kimono@#kyoto #japan Love the subtle colors

A woman in a kimono in Kyoto, Japan. Kyoto has been the long-time center of Japan's traditional arts.

着物の後ろ姿 kimono backshot #kimono #japan

Kimonos are traditional Japanese style clothes. "Kimono" meant "something you wear" originally. Long ago, people in Japan wore kimonos every day. Now, people only wear a kimono for special occasions such as formal ceremonies.

traditional japanese men's kimono (Miura Haruma)

traditional japanese men's kimono (Miura Haruma) Check out my Japanese drama board for more great pictures of Miura Haruma and this great Japanese Drama