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The 25 Coolest Science Experiments for kids

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24 Kids' Science Experiments That Adults Can Enjoy Too! I want to try all of them

24 Science Experiments Your Kids Will Love

Every kid is for rainbows, explosions, or rainbow explosions.

A giant list of super fun science experiments to do with kids with simple household items.

The QM Science Spot: LOTS of Experiments

We learn so much from exploring and interacting with the world around us, that is one of the things I love about our "Science Spot". This is the go-to place, a collection of many

Tornado in a jar


kai saw this in one of his textbooks last week and immediately went into production mode when he got home from school. very simple and very impressive. a tornado in a jar. you will need: a jar, water and a small squeeze of dish soap, thats it:: now get ready to shake:: needless to say this was the talk of the town! and there's no wrong way to shake it really. side to side is my preferred method but the boys have come up with five different shakes that they favor. raid your recycling bin and…

Science Notebooking

Notebooking, Teaching, and Technology

I saw this when Dinah Zike presented at NSTA last year (Boston). I thought what a fabulous way to get more space out of your notebook pages! Not only can you present information on the flip up page but then students can write more information underneath. This method is featured in her notebooking book ( I have been experimenting with glue verses tape. The first picture I taped the map down (taping edge to edge....if you use tape do not go past the edge or it no longer…

Super easy rocket craft made from a balloon, a straw, a rubber band and some paper. I think kids will have a ball launching these! (Using balloons of various colors would make it a little easier for kids to keep track of their own rockets.)

Make Your Own Rocket - Focus on the Family

Gather one plastic drinking straw rubber band paper scissors tape Go 1. Place your balloon on the top end of the drinking straw. Fasten a rubber band securely around the balloon so that it is sealed to the end of your straw. 2. Cut out two paper fins, using the fin guide. Slip first fin […]

Experiment with Skittles to introduce the scientific method!

Skittles and the Scientific Method

For the great Skittles experiment, I was trying to answer the question: Do Skittles dissolve faster in warm or cool water?

Poster:  The Parts of a Scientist {Girl w/ Deeper Skin Tones}  $1.00

Poster: The Parts of a Scientist {Girl w/ Deeper Skin Tones}

This version of "The Parts of a Scientist" poster includes a girl with deeper skin tones.SAVE by purchasing The Complete Poster Bundle. It's a great deal if you're planning on buying multiple posters. The complete set represents both males and females of various skin tones and includes:• readers• ...

Today my kiddos and I continued our discussion about weather... specifically, we talked about the people who study & predict it.  We made this anchor chart so we don't forget what we learned!  I did make a sloppy copy first, and then stayed after school to pretty it up!

An Anchor, a Tip... Five for Friday!

Hi! I'm Teri! I am a first grade teacher and blogger at A Cupcake for the Teacher. On my blog I share classroom ideas, tips and tricks, and K-2 teaching resources. I enjoy writing and crafting, so I love to create activities that tie both together.

How to make rain in a jar - hands on weather science for kids

How Does it Rain?

Weather Science for Kids This year we've had more rain than I ever remember getting. We need the rain, so it has been a blessin...