lollypop sandwich

Food For S's - Lollipop sandwich. Site in Chinese, but picture gives a good idea. I think it is a cheese sandwich roll with a ham bow held by toothpick. Cute for a baby shower.


the time & patience to cut out all these flower petals and leaves! So many tabebuia rosea trees r blooming at the same time in ! Have to make a bento to capture this rare moment. (Bento idea is inspired by artwork of local artist Lee Kow Fong.


かまぼこ 飾り切り。☆Decorative cuts of kamaboko. ☆☆Kamaboko is a steamed seasoned fish paste in a semicylindrical shape on a strip of wood, sliced to eat. Red types & fancy cuts are often used on celebratory occassions.

Pooh Bear Kyaraben Bento Lunch

*squeals of kawaii induced happiness* :D Lunch Bento of Pooh Bear


Rabbit bento (Bento (弁当, bentō) is a single-portion takeout or home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine.

usako's dish photo 長女のお弁当 ひよこ焼きおにぎり #SnapDish #レシピ #お弁当 #キャラ弁 #キャラクター #お昼ご飯

長女のお弁当 ひよこ焼きおにぎり

usako's dish photo 長女のお弁当 ひよこ焼きおにぎり #SnapDish #レシピ #お弁当 #キャラ弁 #キャラクター #お昼ご飯