resin jewelry

Pressed rosebuds in resin. Have your flowers from wedding bouquet put in ring?

Gummy Bear Coasters.How about making these with clear resin but using shark's teeth collected on the beach for years? Maybe that's how I'll display them.

great idea for a table or shelf or top of a seat for a kid ```Candy Coasters by Steph Mantis - candy suspended in resin

Rainbow Resin Bangle Bracelet Hundreds and by madebydaisy, £25.00

Rainbow Resin Bangle - Bracelet - Hundreds and Thousands - Cake Sprinkles - Colourful Bright Sweets - Retro - Candy.

Statement necklace - cupcake sprinkles necklace - candy resin necklace - FEATURED in Seventeen magazine - kawaii Harajuku necklace

Microwave flower pressing from Martha Stewart ~ Great tutorial on how to do this

Pressing Flowers with Janie

PROJECT Pressing Flowers with Janie Picked at their peak and then preserved, pressed flowers offer a wonderful way to savor the beauty of summer long after its blooms have faded from the garden.