AOKI.hayato & haruka nakamuraライブ | Event&Workshop | 神戸・三宮でランチ・雑貨・ライブなどイベント・二次会も多数開催 - トリトンカフェ

hayato & haruka nakamura My presentation board didn't use the whole space available. This poster uses the whole space without overcrowding it. A gentle wash of colour is used as a background.

Girly Mexico Flyer:好きな色味いい。 もっと見る

FLYER DESIGN: I like certain elements about this flyer. The colors flow well together and they compliment the event being advertised. I don't like weight of the text to the design, it's hard to read.



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山のくじら舎 japanese logo design [what if i designed marks / tattoo-style representing specific things?

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