flower fields

flower fields by "oh, hello friend - I would love to explore a gorgeous field of flowers like this.


Roses pinned to a Wall! Fun photobooth backdrop idea for a baby shower or wedding


From interior designer/artist Justina Blakeney flowers on a black ground. Very cool, very basic and very well done. Great lighting and colour quality.


I had a really hard time processing my cherry blossom photos last year. Swedish photographer Maria Kallin makes an interesting choice here.

piny garden

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succulent bouquet

I have been crushing on Flora Grubb since she opened her lovely space in SF 10 years ago. Floral arrangement by Flora Grubb. Smokebrush foliage, cholate cosmos, leucadendro 'jester', echeveria 'perle von nurenberg' and the dark aeonium 'shwarzkopf'.