Yukinaga MAEDA

Yukinaga MAEDA

Suwa Nagano, JAPAN / Front-end engineer.
Yukinaga MAEDA
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Céline Pre-Fall 2017 Fashion Show Collection

If you are tired of bridesmaid dresses and summer florals, we suggest the pre-fall 2017 Celine collection which unites effortless chic with on-trend athleisure

Gosh, dinosaurs are just the meanest things, aren't they? Attacking poor, innocent kitties. How dare they!?

Well, not exactly friends but a great photo. Photo by Mikhail Meshcheryakov ~ The cat was playing with the lizard,. Then the lizard grabbed the kitty. Nobody was hurt, except the photographer who got bitten in the end… S)

So cute! Not sure how sanitary but they're still cute!

oh my goodness! I thought this was a painting or photo shop. I can't imagine that is comfortable!