Flower Basket, Ruminations, approx. 1998  Noguchi Ranposai (b. 1923)

Masters of Bamboo: Japanese baskets and sculpture in the Cotsen Collection, Asian Art Museum.


Ikebana with manipulated leaves. Amazing Ikebana design by Keith Stanley. He is so gifted with wonderful sense of geometry and proportion.

Japanese studio Nendo's series of Mimicry Chairs

London Design Festival 2012

The installation Mimicry Chairs by Studio Nendo in the V’s Tapestry Room is part of the museum’s involvement in the London Design Festival 2012 - Image - FX magazine

extraordinary lionfish pendant light, designed by Alex Earl.

Beautiful Lionfish pendant light by Alex Earl - Hometone - Home Automation and Smart Home Guide


Design by: karim rashid: space time lamp designed for Swedish lighting company Zero. modern look!


Creative way to emphasize change Amazing billboard creativity - Koleston Naturals Advertising: Change

odaiba shop

Great entrance to a store, Cats Livin' Japan. Surprisingly, a shop for cats only. Photo by Stéfan.

Hello Kitty

Apparently this disturbing trend is catching in on in, you guessed it, Japan. They are using prescription free contact lenses with Hello Kitty cartoon cats imprinted on the lenses. You know, because nothing says sexy like Hello Kitty on your irises.