The Birds - Typography Poster

The Birds - Typography Poster. made a poster for a local theater! obviously inspired by Alfred Hitchcock, but the poster was for the original screenplay 'The Birds'


TEXT Dior homme sport advertising 2012 by Les Graphiquants. This is a great ad campaign it screams Dior with the bold high fashion photos. As well as timeless in black and white. With the strong type in gold. Really wonderfully done.

Poster by Xavier Esclusa Trias / eight8 on Behance

A series of self advertising posters for Twopots Design Studio. We bank on simplicity, we love the Swiss line of design, we believe that less is more. Simple but visually powerful, that’s what defines our company. Playing with simple shapes and colors…

SixLee S/S 2014 x Ernesto Artillo Lookbook

SixLee S/S 2014 x Ernesto Artillo Lookbook

Six Lee teamed up with Spanish artist Ernesto Artillo to create this beautiful collage work using the collection. Ernesto Artillo, signature fashion illustration style uses entirely collaged imag(Mix Feelings Art)


I liked the idea of layering the images. The image is captured inside a box to keep the viewers eye contained. Simple text contrasts with the business of the images.

dual city sessions 2007  japan (design tide) - singapore (singapore design festival)    null™  by artless  with giulianoFujiwara    DesignTide in Tokyo  10/31 - 11/4 2007

- Dual City Sessions null by artless. This work was creatively arranged through the multiple orientations of the text and made even more interesting by the 'hilly' left justification of the body text.

Flower design

I love how this design intertwines the rectangle and the one flower. It makes the flower stand out and gives it more of a effect causing the piece to stand out more as a whole. The quality of the photo is very nice and the design was put together well.

poster / Sharing

poster / Sharing // Hi Friends, look what I just found on Make sure to Moire Studios is a thriving website and graphic design studio based in Jakarta, Indonesia.