I have always absolutely adored Chinese headdresses. This is ridiculously amazing. I think I'm way more a Chinaphile than a Japanophile. Or whatever the right words for those would be.

There is 0 tip to buy this hair accessory: geisha flower crown jewels bikini elegant red dress asian fashion. Help by posting a tip if you know where to get one of these clothes.

haven suit 3-4 by SeedDestiny on DeviantArt

cosmicwolfstorm: Kassian by Philipp Kruse

Haven Suit by Seed Destiny (female ninja fighter, assassin, thief, rogue sniper, and soldier) Cosplay Costume


Amazing oriental sea queen, mermaid , sea fairy fantasy costume, make up and hair and headress inspiration , Grimm and fairy gothic fairytale art

fantasyartwatch: “ Black Witch by Jiyeon Ryu ”                                                                                                                                                                                 もっと見る

fantasyartwatch: Black Witch by Jiyeon Ryu

Image from fantasy and syfy.NSFW — tomjogi: by JIYEON RYU - ladies silver watches, big watches for men, strap watches for mens *ad

Firefall, Mourningstar II, crystalcosfx, futuristic girl, future fashion, military, armor, cosplay girl, geek girl, back, future, futuristic by FuturisticNews.com

Take a look at Firefall real world - cosplay by Crystal Graziano - MMORPG News

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makeup make up beauty eyes eye shadow eyeshadow pretty beautiful goth gothic belly dancer bellydancer fashion costume fantasy glitter

Dimitris Alexandrou by Tassos Vrettos

Using beard and hair colors to add color to a snow queen or snow king look is awesome. Also, the feathers around the face bring so much nature into the image. Plus, there's this striking expression on his face. Love this image.

インドの花嫁?衣装-▼△▼ANNE Times.▼△▼

Indian Wedding Dresses The bridal is wearing Indian wedding dress.The color scheme green with golden and green embroidery.The lahnga is looking pretty.The bride had done beautiful makeup.She is wearing beautiful […]

Serge Lutens 1942 | French Fashion and Parfume designer

Serge Lutens, 1942 ~ French Parfume designer