These shower hacks will make your life so much better! Follow these tips to easily clean your shower, store more items in your shower and learn how to better take care of your hair. These shower tips are amazing and will be life changing.

10 Life Hacks That Will Totally Change the Way You Shower

Tank Tops Organization Tip (why didn't I think of this)

I have soooo many tanks! Tank Top Space Saver- Simply use a hanger and shower curtain rings. Get the hanger from your closet, and the curtain rings from your local dollar store. Saves drawer and closet space!


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For storing water bottles

Kitchen Organization - Rethink a wine rack's purpose, and you'll come up with a multitude of novel ways to put it to good use. In this kitchen cabinet, a tabletop wine bottle rack now holds waterbottles behind closed doors in tidy grab-and-go rows.


Lantern Pair with wrought iron hooks on recycled wood board for unique wall decor, home decor, bedroom decor on Keep. View it now. Lantern Pair with wrought iron hooks on…

システム手帳がかなり使える! カバンの中をスッキリさせる超整理術 | エイ出版社

Put all digital storage.thumb drives, cards etc together in a pouch.

【これはやってみたい】身の回りにあるものを使ってデスクまわりをスッキリとオシャレにする30のワザ!! - IRORIO(イロリオ)

simple office organization-this really is a handy way to organize your cords.we had to get the biggest binder clip we could find to make it work though

すぐ溜まってしまう、プリントの収納術 | RoomClip mag | 暮らしとインテリアのwebマガジン


すぐ溜まってしまう、プリントの収納術 | RoomClip mag | 暮らしとインテリアのwebマガジン



今すぐ真似できる!無印、IKEA、100円ショップの「ファイルボックス」で簡単整理収納術10! | ギャザリー

今すぐ真似できる!無印、IKEA、100円ショップの「ファイルボックス」で簡単整理収納術10! | ギャザリー



These Japanese inspired home organization ideas are genius! Learn how to maximize extremely small spaces with these cool hacks.