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Minä Perhonen, nos encanta la ropa de esta marca japonesa con nombre finlandés que significa “yo, mariposa”.

vintage GRANNY SQUARE bag / 1960s crochet FRINGE drawstring handbag. $14.00, via Etsy.

off CouponCode Fifteen vintage GRANNY SQUARE bag / crochet fringe drawstring handbag

Issey Miyake

Issey Miyake 132 F/W Pinned for crystal/geometric shape, inspiring for my design development.

【画像 7/7】ねんどのようなバッグ「ヌガー」PLEATS PLEASE ISSEY MIYAKEが発売 |

【画像 7/7】ねんどのようなバッグ「ヌガー」PLEATS PLEASE ISSEY MIYAKEが発売

NOUGAT Pleats Please ISSEY MIYAKE The name of the collection derives from the French soft candy “nougat.” The bags are made from aluminum, and each bag can be shaped into the desired form just like clay.