Divine Proportions

Divine Proportions

Divine Proportions: the six sacred geometries of graphic design, applicable to logos, graphics, websites, and more. (Inexpensive Adobe templates available for purchase.

#DESIGN #PICTOGRAMAS | Lançados os pictogramas esportivos para as Olimpíadas de 2016 no Rio de Janeiro. Os ícones seguem a mesma linguagem da tipografia dos Jogos mantendo o estilo com linhas de traço único, inspiradas nos marcos da cidade do Rio de Janeiro. Ambas criações são do estúdio Dalton Maag. Para saber mas confira o site oficial Rio 2016.

Pictogramas Rio 2016

Pictogrames esportius de les Olimpíades de 2016 a Rio de Janeiro.

天然温泉 久松湯 | Works | Kishino Shogo(6D)-木住野彰悟 - created via http://pinthemall.net

mathematical decorations on the japanese word rightly fit the exact tone of the ambience

日本航空の新ロゴ : これ、誰がデザインしたの?


VIPPERな俺 : ワオ、三菱グループのデカさに脱糞

VIPPERな俺 : ワオ、三菱グループのデカさに脱糞

Alibaba グループ | AliExpress.comの ビジネス カード からの カスタムクリアpvc名刺-透明pvc右の角度カットプラスチック名刺(印刷&デザイン) 中の カスタムクリアpvc名刺 透明pvc右の角度カットプラスチック名刺(印刷&デザイン)

Cheap business card design, Buy Quality business cards plastic directly from China plastic pvc card Suppliers: Custom Clear PVC Business Cards-Transparent PVC Right-angle Cut Plastic Business Card (Printing & Design)

デザイナーじゃない人が気をつけるべきデザインの基本。 : 雲の上に音符あり。

i know nothing of art or geometry (worst math class ever) but for some reason, i find this cool - Apple Logo deconstructed

A look inside the brand guidelines for the amazing 1970s Nasa “worm” logo

A look inside the brand guidelines for the amazing Nasa “worm” logo Binder allows for easy changes - M

https://flic.kr/p/72NFwc | 佐籐 卓 | 一張09年最重量級的交換名片(大心)  佐藤卓デザイン事務所

https://flic.kr/p/72NFwc | 佐籐 卓 | 一張09年最重量級的交換名片(大心) 佐藤卓デザイン事務所

2020東京五輪エンブレム - 原研哉案

japanese designer kenya hara has revealed the rejected logo proposals he submitted for the 2020 tokyo olympics.

Brockmann, Rand, Frutiger, Schmid _ Business cards

Ultra Minimalist business cards of Famous designers: Josef Müller-Brockmann, Paul Rand, Adrian Frutiger and Helmut Schmid.