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Living in a small apartment might not give you the comfort of having an entirely separate study room, but that shouldn’t stop you from making your own little workspace at home, right! The workspace solution in this apartment is lovely.

Nara - Imanishike House (8)

stone border transition from concrete to grass/moss Nara - Imanishike House

織部窓('oribemado' )華展の呈茶席 於 五島美術館茶室 の画像:柳澤櫻園の『和の茶論(サロン)』かまくら

織部窓('oribemado' )華展の呈茶席 於 五島美術館茶室 の画像:柳澤櫻園の『和の茶論(サロン)』かまくら


80 Century-Old House in San Francisco Gets a Modern Makeover - Architecturehd

13785671_masquespacio-designs-hikari-yakitori-bar_t26850f1c.jpg (800×534)

after the big success of the nozomi sushi bar, creative consultancy masquespacio has completed the design of the hikari yakitori bar in valencia.

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