They grow up so fast! :'(

I'd like to point out that Hermione stopped smiling 1 year before Harry and Ron did. She probably knew the danger long before them <--- I'd like to point out that Harry stopped smiling after year two and Hermoine smiled year three.


エマ・ワトソン、映画『ハリー・ポッターと賢者の石』で後悔していることは?|エル・ガール オンライン

SidusHQ actor Kim Yoo Jung along with others joins campaign to advocate puppy adoption

Kim Yoo Jung, Park Seon Ho, and more join campaign to advocate puppy adoption!

SidusHQ actors Kim Yoo Jung, Park Seon Ho, Park Hyun Woo, and Choi Young Min joined a meaningful campaign that advocates the adoption of abandoned pup…


Meet Fukuoka local idol Kanna Hashimoto who has taken the Internet world by storm

リップベビー | ロート製薬: 商品情報サイト

リップベビー | ロート製薬: 商品情報サイト