black, white, brass & wood kitchen

Kitchen inspiration: white subway tiles, butcher block wood countertop, black cabinets, wood trusses on ceiling. Dark cabinets don't always mean a dark kitchen.

Stainless steel kitchen with awesome lighting

A stainless steel kitchen topped with a Stilnovo style vintage chandelier. Photo via Airows. I love some aspects of this but would do the stainless cupboards differently.

chalkboard backsplash Love it!

Chalkboard paint ideas for the kitchen. I like the idea of putting the paint just behind the stove and putting the menu up for either the day or week-BUT.worried oil/grease from the stove would stain the paint.


Nostalgic and kitchen table of stainless steel, is multiplied by adjustment of the top of the wooden shelves

木とステンレスと籐 #キッチン

MY DREAM KITCHEN! Located in Uruguay and designed by Martin Gomes Arquitectos. located in La Boyita, Punta del Este, Uruguay designed by Martin Gomes Arquitectos

dark and stainless kitchen

Stainless Steel Cabinets, Deep Smokey navy Header with shelves. Kickass Alternatives to Traditional Upper Kitchen Cabinets

KITCHEN / TILE /キッチン/タイル/アイアン/ステンレス/木/リノベーション/フィールドガレージ/ FieldGarage Inc./FG-craft

KITCHEN / TILE /キッチン/タイル/アイアン/ステンレス/木/リノベーション/フィールドガレージ/ FieldGarage Inc./FG-craft

Concrete kitchen lower cabinet frames with wood - Modern rustic contemporary architecture - No upper cabinets - Neutral - Stainless steel countertops and backsplash

и декор* - Дом в Швеции--i really like the simplicity of htis kitchen. The concrete island adds texture and I am loving the wood on these cabinets. Also, it's a clever idea to integrate the chalkboard for your daily task/recipes in the kitchen---How fun!

KITCHEN /キッチン/ステンレス/タイル/木/リノベーション/フィールドガレージ/ FieldGarage Inc./FG-craft

KITCHEN /キッチン/ステンレス/タイル/木/リノベーション/フィールドガレージ/ FieldGarage Inc./FG-craft