The colourscape is a great idea to help set a cohesive colour palette for my works.

I liked the idea its good way to use colours and clouds is a god way to use it. All the colours are symbols of happines and so as the sky and clouds. I liked the contrast too.


Robin Wood - Destroying nature is destroying life. Note from Husani: This is an example of double exposure photography. That is a popular art directional technique.

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Stock vector of Vector Illustration Of Ocean Wave Pattern. Vector Art by paul_june from the collection iStock. Get affordable Vector Art at Thinkstock.

Phalip, M (2014) Glitch [digital illustration] available at: [accessed 14th May 2015]

This glitch illustration image represents to me how the future will become a digital blur between what is IRL v URL. It also shows me how fast technology moves.

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