National Treasure of Japan, Basara General statue, 8th century, property of Shin Yakushi-ji temple

National Treasure of Japan, statue Bazara (Meikira): One of the twelve heavenly Generals, century, property of Shin Yakushi-ji temple 伐折羅大将 新薬師寺 国宝

The Headless Woman illusion

"The Headless Woman" Carnival Sideshow - This was a pretty common sideshow at state fairs back in the along with the other standards. The girl who turns into a gorilla. The South American Giant Rats (Capybaras) and assorted animal and human anomalies.

It's gotta be in Appalachia.

creepy clown masks on pioneer women while man plays fiddle vintage halloween photography,

927_001.jpg (482×730)

927_001.jpg (482×730)

Max Ernst

'Santa conversazione' by German Surrealist & Dada artist Max Ernst Photo collage, reworked by the artist in pencil & graphite. via Archives Dada

Alejandro Jodorowsky ~ set and costumes by Leonora Carrington ~

cussingskull: “ skvaderkadaver: “ Collaboration work between painter Leonora Carrington & Alexandro Jodorowsky in Mexico, ” “During a party, Luis Buñuel, seduced by Carrington’s beauty and.

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Let me tell you what Punk really is and why it's important

Designer Tomihiro Kono's fashion exhibition, "Deja Vu", photographed by Sayaka Maruyama, 2011