Japanese old wooden house in Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum 小金井市 江戸東京たてもの園

Wood, light, shadow Traditional Japanese architecture - very practical and oh so beautiful

光と風の画像(写真) Kyoto

Horyuji Shrine, Japan (法隆寺 光と風) Japan's slowly turning into a country I just have to visit!

京都「桂離宮」> 石元泰博(http://yasuhiroishimoto-archive.jp/index.html)


谷口吉郎がホテルオークラに込めた“東洋の誇り”(前編)                                                                                                                                                                                 もっと見る

メーンダイニングはロビーと同様に、麻の葉紋をモチーフとした木組み格子の欄間が窓を飾る(写真:吉田 誠)

谷口吉郎がホテルオークラに込めた“東洋の誇り”(前編) もっと見る

the japanese room.///////Dedicated to deliver superior interior acoustic experince. Would like to have such a room in my house.

京都「桂離宮」 石元泰博(http://yasuhiroishimoto-archive.jp/index.html)


Looking across the Moon Viewing Platform at Katsura Imperial Villa - The Infinite Beauty of Classic Japanese Architecture - Yasuhiro Ishimoto photographer

"The Katsura Imperial Villa",Kyoto,Japan.Bruno Taut is said to "Cry want to become more beautiful."

Katsura Imperial Villa, photos by Ishimoto Yasuhiro, “ “I feel that there is a kind of fateful link between Bauhaus and me. I would like to donate fifty-five of my photographs to the Bauhaus.